Social icons are an easy way to link viewers of your site to other parts of your online presence, such as to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more. The complete list is below.


Everything here goes under [] in your site’s config.toml file.

Example (from Shadow53’s blog):

    linkedin = "shadow53"
    github = "Shadow53"
    steam = "id/shad0w0710"

Full list of social links and how to link to them:

  • DeviantArt (deviantart = "username")
  • Email (email = "")
    • You can also add special parameters after your email address to further customize the new draft that appears for the user. For example: email = ""
    • Learn more about customizing email links at CSS Tricks.
  • Facebook (facebook = "userid")
  • GitHub (github = "username" or `github = “username/project-name”)
  • GitLab (gitlab = "username" or `gitlab = “username/project-name”)
  • Google Plus (googleplus = "+Joe-Smith")
  • Instagram (instagram = "username")
  • LinkedIn (linkedin = "userid")
  • Medium (medium = "username")
  • Pinterest (pinterest = "username")
  • Quora (quora = "userid")
  • Reddit (reddit = "username")
  • Slack Organization (slack_org = "subdomain")
    • Your subdomain is whatever comes after “https://” and before “”
  • Soundcloud (soundcloud = "userid")
  • Spotify (spotify = "username")
  • Steam (steam = "id/[username]" OR "profiles/[48624573984729386]")
    • If you have a custom profile link set up, it will be id/your-login-username
    • If not, it will be profiles/your-steam-userid-number
    • You may need to look yourself up on the Steam Community to figure out which to use. The content you use will be the part of the URL after
  • Telegram (telegram = "username")
  • Tumblr (tumblr = "username")
  • Twitch (twitch = "username")
  • Twitter (twitter = "username")
  • Vimeo (vimeo = "userid")
    • It seems some users have custom URLs and some are identified as “user1234567”. Use whatever comes after “” on your profile page.
  • YouTube (youtube = "user/[username]" OR "channel/[channel_name]")