Custom Background

Add the following to your site’s config.toml file:

    src = "images/background_lg.png"
    #medium_src = "images/background_med.png"
    #small_src = "images/background_sm.png"
    fit_width = true
    tile = false
  • Change src to the relative path from the site’s baseURL where the background image can be found. In the above example, the file would be found at {site root}/static/images/background.png.
  • Optionally set medium_src and small_src to smaller images to use on screens that are at most 1024px and 640px, respectively. If either of these are omitted, the next largest image source will be used.
  • Set fit_width to true if you want the behavior of CSS background-size: contain and false if you want the behavior of background-size: cover

Custom Colors

Add the following to your site’s config.toml file:

    page_background = "#000000"
    main_background = "#050505"
    alt_background = "#252525"
    main_text = "#e2e2e2"
    alt_text = "#e2e2e2"
    accent = "#2c8cef"
    accent_text = "#e2e2e2"

The above values represent the default colors in the theme. Modify them as you’d like.

  • page_background is the background color for what is “behind” the page. This is the same area as where the background image is applied, so it is a good idea to pick a color that matches the image if you use fit_width = true on the background image.
  • main_background is the background color for most of the content page.
  • alt_background is the alternate background color for the page. This background is applied to the navigation bar, footer, various buttons, and as the alternate color for zebra-striped tables.
  • main_text is the font color that corresponds with main_background.
  • alt_text is the font color that corresponds with alt_background.
  • accent is the color applied to the site header, links, and buttons that are hovered over or marked active.
  • accent_text is the font color that is used when accent is being used as the background color.

Header Thumbnail

Add a thumbnail - like a personal photo or company logo - to the site header by setting Params.thumbnail to the path to the thumbnail image in your site’s configuration file. Give it a rounded edge by setting Params.thumbnail_radius to a valid CSS border-radius value. Images are scaled down to a maximum height of 128 pixels, approximately the height of the header with a site title and tagline.

# In config.toml
  thumbnail = "path/to/thumbnail.png"
  thumbnail_radius = "10%"

Font Customization

BluestNight uses the following font families:

By default, Clear Sans is used for all text on the on the web page except for <code> and <pre> blocks, which use Source Code Pro, and any text inside of the custom font shortcodes. Zilla Slab is used by default for text when a page is printed.

These defaults can be modified, though, through the use of four configuration properties and two shortcodes.

  header_style = "sans-serif"
  body_style = "sans-serif"
  print_header_style = "sans-serif"
  print_body_style = "serif"

The above code block shows the default values of each of the four configuration properties and how they would appear inside on a configuration file written in TOML. Properties prefixed with print_ affect printed pages only, while those without affect only the page on a screen. The header_style properties set the font family for all page headers, while the body_style ones affect the main text of the page (inside the <article> tag, for the web developers).

If header_style and body_style (or print_header_style and print_body_style) match, the choice of “serif” or “sans-serif” is applied to the entire page. If they do not match, text in the footer and sidebar is ignored, unless it is a header.

If you want to change the font family for a block of text on a page, you can use the {{% serif %}} and {{% sans-serif %}} shortcodes.


{{% serif %}}
This text will **always** be *serif*.
{{% /serif %}}

This text will always be serif.

{{% sans-serif %}}
This text will **always** be *sans-serif*.
{{% /sans-serif %}}

This text will always be sans-serif.