Looking to put together a nice Members page for your site, but don’t want to write a bunch of custom HTML to make it look good?

Just use the {{< member >}} shortcode!


This setup is necessary for both the member shortcode and the authorbox feature!

Create a data file for each member in your site’s data/members directory with keys Name, Img (optional), URL (optional), Position, and Bio.

The URL field should indicate that particular member’s home page, either on the same site (if they have a profile page) or on a separate site.

If a user doesn’t have an Img key, the default photo will be used instead.


An example data file, to be found under data/members/shadow53.yml:

# This example uses YAML
Name     : "Michael Bryant"
Img      : "/path/to/picture/of/michael.jpg"
Position : "Awesome Theme Designer"
URL      : https://mnbryant.com
Bio      : |
  I'm Michael, also known as Shadow53. This bio section
  is intended to have a small paragraph's worth of text
  in it so it takes up about as much space on the screen
  as the profile picture, because I think that looks nice.
  Lorem Ipsum. Foo, bar, baz, and all that.


Just use the shortcode wherever you want the member entry to appear on the page. Syntax is where "Member Name" is replaced with the value of the Name field in the data file. So, using the example above:

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{{< member "Michael Bryant" >}}

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