Sometimes (sans-)serif fonts just don’t cut it for what you’re writing. You’re posting a letter on your website and want it to look handwritten, or at least have the signature look handwritten. The handwriting shortcode provides you with a number of available handwriting fonts to achieve this effect.


{{% handwriting "font-name" %}}
This text will look handwritten.
{{% /handwriting %}}

Be sure to use %% and not <> as the one with % sends the content through the markdown parser, allowing you to still have bold, italics, etc. with your handwriting font. More here.

Available fonts are:

  • "allura"
  • "calligraffiti"
  • "dancing-script"
  • "daniel"
  • "euphoria-script"
  • "journal"
  • "kingthings-wrote"
  • "note-this"
  • "vag-handwritten"

All fonts come from FontSquirrel, a website devoted to providing 100% free fonts, including for commercial use.