Welcome to BluestNight!

BluestNight is a powerful and featureful theme made for Hugo, the static site builder. Written from scratch, it was made with these goals in mind:

  • Look clean, organized, and professional
  • Provide users with customizations to make the site fit their needs
  • Optimize the generated website to load quickly and, as much as possible, help* it achieve a score of “Good” on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

* As a theme, BluestNight can only do so much to help improve a page’s loading speed. It is on the site author to optimize their server configurations and any images used in the site to further improve loading times.

BluestNight is All Grown Up!

On March 20th, 2017, I made the first commit in the BluestNight repository. Back then, BluestNight was little more than my attempt to create a cleaner-written version of the Mainroad theme after I grew frustrated with maintaining the fork I made, named “Darkroad” (it was a dark version of Mainroad). [Read more...]